Gourdlets is a city-building sandbox. Place buildings and scenery, and then watch visiting gourdlets arrive and interact with the world. No objectives, no points, just building  🌈

By the way! I am aware that some people are experiencing scratchy audio and laggy gameplay. This was introduced in my most recent patch, and I am actively working on fixing it! Until then, might I suggest you turn down the Gourdlets audio and just play this in the background for now? 

If you liked this game, then please...

Are you a streamer? 

Right now, when the gourdlets show up, they just walk around, but they will do much much more in the final game release! I plan to add:

  • 💖 more interesting character interactions (fishing, farming, etc)
  • 🪴 more objects
  • 🎃 seasons
  • 🌧️ weather
  • 🎵 more music
  • 📋 ability to name gourdlets

and I'll continue looking at all the comments for suggestions and replying to every comment!

And here again is the link to wishlist on steam!

(presskit here!)

Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(61 total ratings)
Authoraunty games
Made withGodot
TagsAtmospheric, Casual, City Builder, Colorful, Cozy, Cute, Open World, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Sandbox
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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It's cold... or something (really wish I could hide the UI)


this is great!!!!

Gourdlets island :)

Narrowly caught just before the page crashes (phew)


Was the page crashing due to an issue in the game, or something else?


Rediscovery of Gourdlets thanks to the announcement of the new update..

A great pleasure, even if I think they are afraid to enter the forest :)



such a cute game!! I love it so far :3 It's definitely wishlisted

thank you for the support!!


Such a cute little game!! As well as adding a feature to delete individual items, I strongly suggest you make objects moveable!! Those two things in itself will make such a huge difference. I am also curious if you plan on adding a "Satisfaction" feature with the lil gourds? Making them happy is my first priority!! Thanks again for your hard work on this sweet game :) 


thank you!!! I have erase working on my local build, testing it a whole bunch now to make sure it doesn’t break stuff. I like the idea of moving objects- after I release the eraser feature, I’ll see if that covers it, otherwise I’ll consider adding a “move” button

Gourd satisfaction- I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible so I don’t want there to be any scoring or anything, so for now, I’m just going to add way more ways for them to interact with their environment (then when they start fishing and singing, it’ll be very clear they’re happy with their environment:))


I can't wait! I love your vision, I wish you smooth sailing with development! <3

thank you!

Bro, I love it when the game glitches and the music disorts. I always feel like there's going to be a demonic passenger just come off the train some day that attacks the other villagers.

haha great!! there's no way it's possibly caused by a bug, so I'm glad you like it :D


I love this game! It's great, cute, well made, has cute graphics and is overall amazing!! I could build a big city for hours, it's just so fun. Thank you for making this game and I hope it becomes popular!

thank you so much, I really really appreciate it!!


WOW! love this game :) 

thank you :)))

(1 edit)

can you please make a "save file" option because i hate it whenever i have to restart the game all the time 

thanks for the suggestion!

totally agreed that this would be a great feature to have, I am planning to include this in a later version of the game after I do some more promotion and updates


this is awesome! :D i've always wanted a game where i can just build for fun, and this is definitely it. i can't imagine how cool it'll be once it's complete. i love the concepts you plan to add, especially more objects and more character interactions. i'll be following your progress, can't wait for the full release.

just some feedback - i saw someone else commented about the process of deleting items, and i'd just like to add that i agree. it's a bit sad to have to delete lots of things to remove a single item. maybe if there was some sort of eraser tool? that way the ui could still be very simple.

i hope you don't mind the feedback, and again the game is so good!! i played for ages without getting bored. good luck with the rest of the development :D


thank you so much for leaving a comment!!!! I'm so glad you liked it!!!

That is really helpful feedback, a couple of others besides you have requested it, people also want to be able to delete floor tiles so they can make little ponds in the middle of their towns... I still have a couple other other features and patches higher up on my list, but I will start prototyping an eraser once I get through the more pressing tasks!

i love this game! but i have a question, is it possible to delete items without needing to undo everything? 

Unfortunately right now, the only way is to undo 1 thing at a time! I am considering adding a way to delete individual items, but am always balancing my desire to have new features vs my desire to have an extremely simple ui. But I will note down that at least 1 person wants this!


ahh, alright! thanks :D

I kinda want it too. Would be really useful in my opinion

looks great! :)

thanks :)


this game is so dope!! i cannot wait to see what comes with new updates !


thank you!

super adorable and relaxing game! i only had one issue, when the "add to steam" came up i wasn't able to use the undo button or settings :(

(1 edit) (+1)

thank you so much for pointing that out!
I just made a fix to lower the wishlist button, and it should work now

hey!! I really enjoy this but for me after the "add to steam wishlist" pops up right over the settings/undo button so i only get like 10 minutes before i can't undo or check settings :((( cute game though!!

ah thank you so much for pointing that out!
I just made a fix to lower the wishlist button, and it should work now

This is delightful, but at the moment it only grabs me for about an hour...  what it needs is some deeper consequences to what I lay out...  things to discover, interesting/surprising things which happen when I put components together in certain combinations, maybe new objects I can unlock by doing that...

Can sometimes see lilypads through the ground...

thanks for the feedback and I'm honestly happy that it was worthy of an hour!

I currently working on more interactions with the characters and their environment (unsure how much of that will be in the demo vs the full steam release), I also have a vague idea in my head about different types of characters that will do interesting things (ie maybe a character who only shows up when it's raining, or a character who plants flowers etc), but that idea isn't fully fleshed out yet.

Yeah, it is really hard to plan that sort of thing in advance, I have a back-burner game idea myself that requires that kind of deep discovery mechanic and I have no idea how to get into it myself...

I might need to spend some time researching specifically into other games that have done that well, if I can find them...

Hi! Can you please add a feature that lets you save your game? You could even make it able to have multiple files.

thanks for the feedback! I have that one on my to do list, just need to see how in demand it is and how much work it'll take before I start work on it!


The game, the town you can build and the art style are overall super cute

But I wish the little gourdlets would interact more with their environment. For the building itself it would be nice to have an undo-button and the ability to save your creations

I saw that some of these suggestions are already in the planning. So keep up the good work! :)


thank you for the kind words and feedback!!!!!

- an undo button is planned or my next update (in the next few days)

- save feature is on my list (not sure how soon I'll get to it, I have to look through all my feedback to prioritize it)

- more interactions with environment is actively in development, I just need to decide how much I want to put into this demo vs the full steam game!

We should be able to stop the coming of the train because we tend to overflow

I currently have a limit of 10 gourdlets in your town (after there are 10, the train will still arrive, but no one will come out). Do you have a better idea?

There could be a button which would make it possible to stop the arrival of gourdlets or, even better, which would make that there are as many gourdlets which leave the train as gourdlets which go up there.


Enjoyed so much, I do like seeing how your game evolved in the comments, too. All the work you put into this lovely game.


it’s so nice to see what people make! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your town!!


Love this update!!! Super cute and cool c: WOW!


thank you!!

(1 edit) (+1)

wow haven't checked 0.0.6 yet... but from the screenshots... woah... such a huge upgrade from previous version... I wonder if this is still as heavy as previous one...

let me know what you think! I put in a lot of effort to make it more efficient.


I'll make sure to reply and provided my gameplay later when I have time to play it :)))

that would be amazing!

September 22, 2022, this game looks really nice but has some performance issues like lag but the game has a nice base to it and I cant wait to see what happens next ill edit my comment when future updates are released.

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thats so nice, thank you!! still working on getting the bugs ironed out, just trying to find time for it :)


I also have that bug where you can't place tiles directly in front of the train depo and every time I opened the menu with the houses I got lag and as I filled up more of the map with things. Still very cute and can't wait for what's next.

hey thank you!!! I hope to put out an update sometime soon!!!!


I'm having the weirdest bug where nothing can be built directly in front of the train platform. Traffic jam.

also, where did you get that water asset? did you make it yourself, it's perf

I noticed that too! Thanks for the feedback

and thanks! I made it myself using shaders

So cute! Thank you for sharing this charming, satisfying game! I think having benches for spirits to sit on would be very cute. If they are visiting they deserve to chill :)

Also, sometimes sidewalks and signs/mailboxes/fences can't be built at the odd corner of a house or body of water? I wanted to put fences all around the pond so nobody fell in for example, but it wouldn't build the last fence I needed to close it. 🤔

yay thanks for playing!

I have noticed that bug as well, I think the game will change quite a bit with my next release but I will make sure to target that bug!

Hi, I enjoyed the game. I thought of a quality of life change I would like for the UI. When you select one of the building/ structure categories from the left sidebar, I wanted the first potential option on the bottom sidebar to be selected by default so I could start placing something immediately. E.g. if you selected the pavement category from the left sidebar, the first pavement option in the bottom sidebar would automatically be selected.


that makes sense!

I am planning a pretty big overhaul which should change the ui significantly, but I will keep this in mind!

also I love always sunny haha, nice username

New suggestion :) ! Being able to see the island from different angles (~3D)..

great suggestion!

it'll be tricky to implement, since the buildings are all 2d drawings and can't actually rotate, but I'll definitely try to do something like this with math tricks


Nice, but the view is not necessarily pivoting, it can be seen North, East, South, West with the different sides of the buildings...

right right totally, I'll add that to my long term to do list!


oh no!!!! I wish I knew why this was happening!

Im making a bunch of changes to how the guys move around, so hopefully this kinda thing will go away?

Its just a lot of guys in one house. I made a ton of houses and then broke all of them, except for one. Then all the guys in the houses moved to that one house. And their auras made this...

ohh lol. then ill just consider that intended behavior

Is there a way to save progress on any version? I haven't really started playing yet, I've just messed around and it's really fun! :D


there isn't any way to save right now, I'm currently working on more in game updates, and then after that I'll probably do stuff like saves!


Okay cool! I was just making sure I wasn't missing something

nope nope,  you're not


I love this game, I think it would be interesting to see shops! and maybe have the spirits wear outfits if they're in charge of the shop?


yes!!!! I love that idea, and im moving in that direction! Currently working on furniture for house interiors, and after that will likely be more interesting buildings like shops!


this game is so cute awahh :OO I had a lotta fun decorating! I would love to see more from this game soon it's really cool:D thank u! <3


magnificent :) !!!


omg thank you!!! 

much more coming in the next few weeks!

these screenshots are really glorious

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! the voices that they make are so cute and the sound of the waves splashing is so calming. 

- Add more objects, please

- Add more actions. like watering the plants, taking water from the well.

wow thank you!!

I am working on an update as we speak which will add more items and home interiors- watering plants sounds adorable though and I'll definitely add it to my list!


(1 edit)


The little guys won't do anything? :( I place stuff but they just stand at the station in a group and stare.

oh no! You need to put in a path to buildings for them to walk around!
(that will go away in the next update and they'll just walk on the grass :))

Deleted 318 days ago

it seems like you cant place a path in front of them, you have to do it before they arrive

ah that's a weird bug! will be fixed in the next update!


Ahhh that explains a lot, yeah I was having the same issue with not being able to place the tiles


aah looks awesome!


i cant place stones in front of the station :,(


nvm i did it :)

I's super cute! I wish you could remove stuff tho-

thank you!!

you can remove stuff by right clicking on them!! I should probably add that to the help text.

super cute i love it!

thank you!!!

(2 edits)

The station and the small village in the forest :)

Benches, shops, etc. that would make the spirits not just go from house to house and be able to see the village from different angles are my suggestions...

And the game really tends to bug and/or crash :( (for example, you can't place objects on certain tiles, often)


ahh yay im glad you liked it!! 

working on all those suggestions as we speak :)

And good to know about those bugs- I have noticed not being able to put paths on certain tiles. Did you notice any patterns when it broke? Like was it all tiles adjacent to water or something?

It's a nearby object that prevents the construction, to be able to pose, I must therefore delete the objects around until I find the one that blocks...

(1 edit)

Being able to choose different islands would be nice too

oh thats great to know.. I'll definitely look into that!

and ill add the different islands thing to my to do list!

so cool :)

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